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How to Differentiate Between Ukrainian and Russian Girls

russianbridesIt is important to understand the difference between Ukrainian and Russian girls. One of the quickest ways to annoy either a Russian or Ukrainian woman is to fail to decipher the difference between them. However, it may not be easy to to make out the difference, given that until 1991, Russia and Ukraine were one nation, The United Soviet Socialist Republic - USSR. After the disintegration of the USSR, Ukraine separated to become an independent country. Before then, all people, including those in Ukraine, were considered to be Russian. This ended in 1991, and the Ukrainian pride took center stage, with Ukrainian women seeking to be identified as such.

For the remainder of the USSR, the current Russia, pride of a nation reborn cries out for identity as well, with Russian women seeking to be recognized as such, without being confused with their Ukrainian counter parts. So, the onus is upon you to differentiate between them so as not to attract their fury. Before independence, Russian was the language of instruction in schools and other learning institutions in Kiev. It was also used in newspapers and in general daily conversation. However, things have changed, with Ukrainian taking over as the language of instruction in schools in Kiev. It is also the most widely spoken language today in Ukraine. While in Ukraine, you will discover that native women there consider themselves as Ukrainians. The same is replicated across the border in Russia, where native women there consider themselves Russian. However, in Kiev quite a chunk of the population still use Russian in their daily communication.

To be on the safe side, avoid teasing any of the women, whether Russian or Ukrainian, lest they mete out their fury and anger on you. And if you were interested either Russian women or Ukrainian girls, such a thing puts them off. You may may really have a difficult time wooing them, especially Russian brides. So, now that you are aware of this, take precaution to avoid any unnecessary provocation. One of the best ways to win over Russian brides or Ukrainian girls to learn their language. If you are interested in Russian brides, for example, you will win their confidence much faster. Likewise to Ukrainian girls. Either of them would love to know that you are interested in their language, and that you are interested in learning it, either in school, on your own or through an online foreign language study program. Just showing interest of the language alone creates interest, giving you the first building stone on which to stand and win them over.

Russian women especially would love to hear your throw in a few common Russian clauses here and there as you converse with them. Of course you can't just use them everywhere carelessly! That will appear corny! But definitely she will be impressed to hear you use some common phrases in your conversation with her. So, before you beat your chest and muster your courage to approach her, learn a few common Russian phrases to boost you up.        

Monday, January 25, 2016

How to Find Your Dream Girl This Year

If your dream girl has been constantly elusive, be comforted that this time round, you have another chance to go for her. However, you must be diligent on the lookout, lest you miss out on her again. That would be even more disappointing. So, what should you do differently this time round to rope her in? As the old adage goes, doing things the same way will always give the same results, but doing things differently gives you different results. This means that this is a different ball game alltogether, and you can't afford to let her slip through your fingers again. Here are some valuable tips to get you in the game.

It will surprise you that top on the list is the easy going but confident vibe. Striking the easy going yet confident vibe speaks volumes about your personality. It reveals a regular guy who is comfortable with himself, and knows exactly how to project his interest in a very simple yet appealing manner. Making it simple always goes a long way in winning over the lady. Dating flows smoothly with such a demeanor.

Your effort to find girl should include dating for at least three times. Research shows that it's usually after the third date that you discover the chemistry between the two of you. Dating her just once may not produce the spark yet, but by the third date, if there is anything, it can no longer be hidden. The essence here is to spend more time to find girl of your desire.

Don't go to the bar to find girl. Distorted judgement can easily take the better of you. By the time you know it, it may be to late to reverse. Alcohol distorts your judgement, making you go for the wrong woman. Give no room to regret.

Here is another great tip: look for her in her natural habitat. Thus, look for her in the environment in which she loves. For example, it would be crazy for you to be looking for a church girl in a bar. Naturally, such a girl is found where anything church takes place.

How about taking up a girlish hobby? This way, you are able to ward off competition, since you will mostly be outnumbered by gorgeous ladies during parties and activities related to this hobby. It can be cooking, pottery and pilates, among others. Show eagerness to learn, with the view of asking for help.

There you o now. The vines are ripe; Which vine will you pluck?

Monday, December 21, 2015

How to meet Russian and Ukrainian brides?

There are very many men out there, especially in the West, who wish to find Russian or Ukrainian women. However, most of them don't how to go about it or where to meet them. Of course it is well known that these women are very outstanding in many feminine aspects that are appealing to men. Not only are they gorgeous, they are also adventurous and very pleasurable. This not with standing, they are just as complicated as all other women from elsewhere. If you wish, not only to positively encounter Ukrainian or Russian women, but to also tap and harness the best part in them, these easy tips will be helpful to you.
How to Meet Russian and Ukrainian single women. Part 1.

Cooking Traditions in Ukraine: What People Eat There?

All people in the world love their traditions, and Ukrainians are not different. They too treasure their culture and traditions.
 They love their traditional Ukrainian food such as
Deruny (potato pancakes),



Holubtsi (stuffed cabbage), 

Holodec' (meat brawn)

 and chicken Kyiv (koptleta po-kyivsky).

 Other Ukrainian delicacies include the traditional Kulish and Pechenya, as well as Tertuhy. As varied as the foods are, they are very rich in both taste and nutrients. What is most intriguing about Ukrainians is that they prefer to cook and eat their own meals than eat out. In fact, it is only on special ocassions that some Ukrainians venture out to sample meals away from home. They have good reasons for this, though.

First, good food is quite costly. Ukrainians are not people for cheap, fast foods. Spare them that. In fact fast foods are not popular at all in Ukraine. So, they would rather cook than spend much on good food that they could easily prepare at home or spend little on cheap fast foods. They also prefer to cook because they are never sure about the products and ingredients used to prepare food in public places such as restaurants.

Cooking food at home is just but a tradition in Ukraine. They believe in sharing meals together as friends and family. Nothing unites like sharing a favorite meal prepared using the traditional recipes! It is a time to bond and catch up with each other. Eating out obviously denies people the chance to bond as a family.

It goes without saying that most Ukrainian girls are very good cooks, thanks to the cooking tradition. In fact, most have gone further to learn about other cuisines from various countries like Japan, Thai and Mexico. This is a big plus because such internal cuisines are very rare and to enjoy them in restaurants costs quite a deep pocket. Therefore, purchasing ingredients and preparing them at home sounds great.

One more reason why Ukrainians believe in preparing their own meals is that they produce most of their ingredients. Most homes have kitchen gardens in which veggies, fruits and berries. Actually, most Ukrainian food is prepared from local ingredients and products obtained through gardening. Only less than five percent of Ukrainians don't practice gardening. The majority, who practice gardening, preserve and store some of the produce for use in winter. For them, vegetables and fruits are always available for preparation of Ukrainian food.          

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Friday, November 20, 2015

Search for love and Dream about marriage? But what love is?

"How To Tell Whether It Is Love Or Mere Attraction
Are you looking for true love for marriage? Are you dating for marriage? If so, then you are at a delicate point in your life. This is a critical point in your love life as it determines whether you will be happy in your marriage or not. Your happiness depends on your ability to differentiate between true love and mere attraction. Now I know you are asking yourself the difference between true love and mere attraction. Read on to find out the difference.
Attraction is about sight. Do you like what you see? If so, then we can say it is attractive to you. If you like the looks of the girl you are dating, chances are, you are simply attracted to her. The question is, should you make your moves based on the looks? We will answer this question shortly. In the Mean time, let's explain love." Read more